Welcome - President's Message

It is with great honor that I have recently accepted the mandate as president of the Gildonese Association. Having been a member of the Association for more than 35 years and having served on the committee previously, I came to realize the great value of participating in the connection to our cultural roots. I have also realized the efforts and hard work put in by the past members of the committee. Without their commitment we would not be where we are now. Our association is in an exceptional and enviable position. We are financially sound and we own the property which houses our headquarters on Fleury street. Very few associations are in better financial shape for the future. Also, considering all the wonderful events that were organized over the last 50 years, we can definitely say that our Association is very proactive. We have also noticed how active our paesani in Gildone are. The Pro Loco group movement actively organizes many activities for and by the youth of Gildone.

In all these years, for me, participating in the activities of the Association, was a given. Because of my parents, it never entered my mind that I could miss an event. And so, I was lucky to grow up interacting with my generation of Gildonese guys and girls. There is something comforting in being with paesani. When I married and had children, they too were exposed to the activities of the Association. They were made members by their nonni and it was not a good idea to miss activities, even to this day. As a result, they were able to interact and keep track of many of their cousins, extended family and other Gildonesi of their generation, as well as having a real good time.

One of our primary objectives going forward is to call on all generations especially the young Gildonesi, members and non members, to participate in a renewal of our connections to our culture. As such, over the course of this mandate, we will be working on strategies to highlight to the approximately 3000+ Gildonesi residing in Montreal the benefits we enjoy from being members and participating in events. We will also be looking at organizing activities that have a wider appeal. I strongly urge you to find out more by calling me or members of the committee. Feel free to peruse our website and our Facebook page. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.


Joseph Farinacci
January 2017

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